Space Plasma 3D Screensaver

Space Plasma 3D Screensaver

Space Plasma 3D Screensaver will show you an awesome effect on your screen
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Are you looking for a really different screensaver?
Do you want a real attention getter for all your friends and family?
Space Plasma 3D Screensaver will show you an awesome effect on your screen.

This unique screensaver will be something that you and your friends will want to watch forever.
It will show you what is called a Plasma Sphere.
It is a colorful effect of a plasma image, with different backgrounds.
Some of the images resemble space. As if a plasma object was traveling across space through the galaxies, probably headed towards our planet.

The pictures are high quality photos, depicting images that you have probably never seen before.
In my case, I was totally mesmerized by the well-known Plasma Sphere. First it looks like the product of some kind of stellar explosion.
It starts moving across the screen, getting closer until you can appreciate all its detail.
Electricity rays coming out of the nucleus and irradiating in every distance.

Space Plasma 3D Screensaver includes beautiful spatial music that will help you relax and feel the calmness and at the same time activity f the plasma scene.
The screensaver will also give you the correct time, if you choose to do it, and can be password protected.
You will surely want to show this screensaver to all your friends and colleagues.
They will definitely give you very good comments about it.

Fernando Soni
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  • Awesome images.
  • Great effects. Mesmerizing


  • Nothing worth mentioning.
  • Maybe even more images?
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